We empower YOU to design a home that fits your lifestyle and personality. There is joy to be found in the process – trust us!

What exactly is Design Coaching?

Design Coaching is just as it sounds – we coach you through the process of designing the perfect home for your lifestyle and personality. Instead of us choosing all of the specifics, we equip you with a shopping list and suggested DIY tasks to transform your current space and furnishings into the home of your dreams.

But what if I don’t have an eye for design?

That’s the point! We believe you do! We believe everyone has the capability to create a home that fits their vision. Instead of just telling you to buy a piece of artwork for behind the sofa, we coach you through the process of selecting the correct size and medium to fit your space. As you understand the principles behind the selection, you will be more apt to explore your creativity with confidence that your purchases will work.

The expense of an Interior Designer isn’t in my budget. Can I afford this?

Guess what? The expense of an Interior Designer was never in our budget either. Instead of writing off the possibility of a beautiful home, we dug deep into the “why” behind DIY in order to share those lessons with you. You will receive one-on-one design coaching on what to keep, what to revive and what to purchase. We always start with what you already own in order to make the most of your resources and budget. Together we’ll discuss what you can do yourself and what areas may benefit from hiring a professional. You provide your overall project budget and we will work up a floor plan, design board, shopping list and DIY project list to set your design vision in motion.

In addition, you only pay the retail price on your purchases. There is no commission upcharge tacked on as in most design experiences. We believe in the art of revival – saving you money and creating a truly one of a kind design.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but I don’t live in your area… Help??

Thanks to technology, we can meet with you in your home… from our studio! Several of our packages are also available virtually. Basic technology connections are required, but the result is just as effective!

I’m loving your concept, but I don’t have the capability to do it myself… Help??

We completely understand that the most precious resource is usually time. Maybe you live remotely, have a hectic schedule with a tight project deadline or you’re just not into the design process – let us take that stress off your back. We will utilize the same principles of revival, by starting with what you have, transforming those pieces with immense potential and shopping for furniture and accessories to fill in the gaps. Learn more about our packages to determine if the all-inclusive options might be a good fit.

This sounds fantastic. How do I get started?

This will truly be a fun and effective transformation for you and your home.

Contact us to receive package pricing and get started with your Design Coaching experience.

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